The How Place, Inc. is dedicated to helping the recovering alcoholic, addict, and others seeking recovery by providing a facility to be used primarily for meetings of alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, al-anon family groups and other 12-step based self-help groups and to promote fellowship among alcoholics and others seeking recovery. To that end, The How Place, Inc. acts as the holding and managing agency of the property and facilities used. The primary program service is to provide facilities for meetings conducted in the 12-step programs by alcoholics anonymous and like groups. In that regard there were over 2,910 meetings conducted during the year. Actual numbers of individuals attending meetings can only be estimated due to the nature of the meetings (being anonymous, no records are kept by the groups). Our best estimate is that over 1,000 individuals attend meetings at The How Place, Inc. The program service expenses consist primarily of occupancy costs but also include supplies for meetings and literature.