Why Should I Join HOW Place, Inc.?

The Sign above our entry says “Expect a miracle.” Just what is that miracle?

It is the miracle of learning to live life one day at a time without alcohol, drugs, and other addictions. It is going through the good times and the bad times together in sobriety. At HOW Place, we have laughed at weddings and births, cried at deaths and divorces. It is learning to do the everyday things without alcohol or drugs; changing a diaper, changing a tire, having a bad day, having a good day.

This is where you will find your new friends and family. Where you can cookout, dance, go to special events, and learn about sobriety. It is a place to socialize, a place to grow, a place to find the inner peace we have lived without for so long. The HOW Place is a place where you never have to be alone.

The HOW Place welcomes hundreds of alcoholics and addicts each and every day, 7 days a week. The HOW Place, Inc. would like to do more for our members, but we need to know who you are and what we can do to assist in your recovery.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by Joining. The dues of $25 (3 months), $50 (6 months) or $100 per year are small compared to what we would spend if we were still indulging in alcohol or drugs (1 year membership is less than 28 cents a day). (Discounts for 62 or older.)

Currently we are running a special for half off! Prices are $50/year or $25/year for those 62 or older.

With your membership you get:

  • Electronic Voting Card
  • Voting in General Meetings
  • A Voice in the how the building is run
  • An Opportunity for Service Work

Please fill out the online membership form and pay online. You can also sign up at the HOW Place and pay in cash or check in person.

Doesn't matter if you're from Yale or Jail; it's a hell of a deal!